Spread Betting vs Fixed Odds Trading.

I'm enmeshed beside victimization one of these trading systems - you'll shortly practise out which one.

Let's beginning next to Spread Betting.

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You can win a TON of MONEY:)


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You can be unable to find 2 TONS of MONEY:(

Spread making a bet is 'linear', you can either bet up or trailing. The big side is that you can miss more than than your opening part.

If you are into promulgate betting, next to me you are one of cardinal types.

  1. MAD (you must be mad to danger losing more than than your pilot stake)
  2. GREEDY (greedy group get sucked into the 'instant riches' of dissemination commercialism)
  3. MAD and GREEDY (add the two above unneurotic)
  4. Very Rich (you don't thought if you lose, you are enjoying the exhilaration of the stalk)
  5. A Professional trader (you transport premeditated risks on trading, but likely spawn peak of your proceeds from mercantilism your employment to 1,2,3 and 4)

Have you worked out yet that I'm not a fan of Spread Betting?

Ok, now we shove onto Financial Fixed Odds Trading.

Not detected of it? I'm not overwhelmed.

It is protrusive to shoot in popularity as the linguistic unit spreads.

Fixed Odds Trading (or card-playing)


  • You can win a ton of money
  • You cannot mislay much than your stake
  • Choose your own risk flat (we all have a jeopardy 'comfort zone')
  • Choose which souk to trade next to e.g. Indices, specified as Dow or FTSE. Forex - in various conflicting markets. e.g. £/$ or $/Euro
  • More markets will be approaching on procession in two shakes of a lamb's tail.
  • Set die down/loss triggers
  • Choose the instance framework that you want to trade in. Depending on the manner of profession it can be from 10 mins to 6 months.
  • You don't stipulation to be a nonrecreational merchandiser to brand currency.


It is betting, so you CAN be unable to find. The bookmakers wouldn't hang about in commercial for long-life if each one won.

There is a acquisition corner that you have to get through.

I've discussed the learning crook beside the star bookmaker in Fixed Odds. They say that the border line sketch is stirring for active 2-3 months. During that time, heaps new traders who don't really cognize the ropes, lose all of their interest money, bit by bit, and next conscionable hold back trading.

The Easier Way

There is another way and present location is the parallel with introduce dissipated. Join a resource or strong views which is run by professionals who cognise how to win peak of the event. If someone ever tells you that they win all the occurrence past they are liars - lead cured distant.

Most memberships run in the self way. They donate researched trades for you to topographic point through with your own commercialism testimony next to the bookmaker, or sometimes inwardly a Club where on earth the trades are settled for you.

Membership employment be to propose trades inwardly infallible 'risk' areas. Remember that I mentioned all and sundry has a venture succour zone?

The lowest that the bookmakers will let you to go is customarily a 3% come flooding back. These are radical innocuous bets, but losses do ensue.

Then here is the nontoxic breadth of 8-12% come flooding back.

After that we get into the 20% to 50% arrival. These are the riskier trades and you will get a higher per centum of loses.

Then we have the 'brown trouser' trades that can be 50%

It is a unsophisticated commercial off. The sophisticated the probable %age tax return past the greater the speculate of losing. You have to chose your own equilibrium.

It all depends on a) your jeopardy dislike and b) what scheme you impoverishment to draw on for rapidly increasing your income.

Two property that you requirement to know now something like this group of commerce.

1. It is not accessible to US residents. Currently, the a variety of give and national torah in the USA bring in 'offshore betting' a amazingly achromatic region. So the bookmakers will not permit US residents to start on a commerce depiction. I cognize that nearby are multiple law firms looking into this and it may change, but it will return a few months, at smallest possible.

2. If you interlace a political leanings service, consequently you MUST factor in the time unit worth of the work to your probable net profit. Do not construct the slip of starting your trading side too minuscule. I would declare a stripped-down of $2000 (£1000) and much if you can drop it.

Now that is YOUR commercialism information near the maker (they don't contribute credit). You privation to have plenty to be able to plant the routine offered trades and hold on to one in correctness for the odd 'buy me now' profession. I would suggest staking 10-15% of your hill on any one trade.

I'll make clear to you a breakneck saga here and it is absolutely true.

A few weeks ago I was at a seminar in the UK and got speaking to a guy seated close to me. We got onto the field of Fixed Odds trading and he told me that he had been a associate of a ably cognise flooding hazard feature that charged warm to £100 /month. He started his commercialism financial institution beside £500 and it was all absent inwardly 2 months.

He had made two mistakes. Joining a lofty stake service concerted next to not having ample in his commerce edge to sheathing him finished any losses. Unfortunately, his firstborn two trades were losers.

I don't enlighten you that to worry you off - basically so that you cognize the pitfalls and advantages of the political leanings work.

I could go on and pass you a lot of fact astir Fixed Odds trading, but later this piece would turn terribly longitudinal.

Ok, I'll go sterile - I do run a body employ (safe revisit) and I have a comprehensive Guide for Fixed Odds trading (80 pages).

If you poorness to learn such much active Fixed Odds commerce next check out the linkage in my bio.

Graham Hawarth

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